Workplace Safety & OSHA Compliance Training and Consulting
We can help you learn what steps your company can take to reduce your risks and strengthen your Health and Safety training program.

Our Services

Workplace Safety

Ash Safety Services can help companies understand factors that contribute to workplace accidents, employee injuries, and other negative outcomes. We can help identify and correct common workplace hazards to keep your employees safe.

Risk Management

Ash Safety Services can work with clients to identify and evaluate risk within their organization. We will take a coordinated approach to deterine the appropriate strategy to mitigate vulnerabilities in your Health & Safety Program.

Construction Safety

Ash Safety Services specializes in helping construction companies understand what they need in order to remain safe. Construction Safety is a top priority for us to maintain your business’ compliance, and more importantly, your employees safe.

About Us

Ash Safety Services believes providing employees a safe work environment free from hazards is an essential component of a strong safety culture. Companies must ensure they provide the necessary resources and training for their employees to identify, control, or eliminate all occupational safety and health hazards.
Ash Safety services is dedicated to providing an assortment of Health and Safety services to employers in the Construction, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Oil/Gas, and other industries. We are dedicated to providing our clients the resources needed to achieve a safe workplace. We help ensure compliance with OSHA, CDC, EPA and other applicable regulatory compliance laws. Our goal is to take the difficulty out of managing a Health and Safety program, so you can focus on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to work with certified safety professionals from a safety services company. We offer various safety services to those in power generation, construction, oil/gas, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as others.

We are fully devoted to safety compliance in the workplace. Our clients learn regulations and safety requirements and receive appropriate training and other safety consultant services to keep their workplace compliant. 

We realize that you may have questions relating to our safety service company. Here are the most frequently asked ones with appropriate answers!

Our team of professionals can help your business understand the industry, as well as the

regulations and training involved. In fact, we offer safety training and consulting services to organizations in various industries.

When you have the resources needed to do your job effectively, you lower the risk of OSHA violations and injuries while working. Our clients are focused on safety, which is why they need one of the top safety services companies on their side.

You will learn how to handle operations safely, and our professionals will conduct audits of your workplace to ensure that you’re maintaining a safe work environment. The primary goal is to know what you’re doing right, where you should improve, and whether you’re dealing with safety compliance efficiently.

Our certified safety professionals have demonstrated a full knowledge of workplace safety services and practices. We have the skills needed to implement the information on a practical level.

Generally, safety professionals must complete a special exam provided by the BCSF (Board of Certified Safety Professionals). We usually offer audits, assess risks, perform safety duties, and evaluate risk control and hazard measures for our clients.

Safety compliance is the ongoing process of complying with all the safety and health standards established by appropriate regulatory agencies and legislators, such as OSHA.

In most cases, it’s the right thing to do, but you may also have a legal obligation if your business often deals with hazardous materials or uses contractors.

If your employees don’t offer full compliance with OSHA guidelines, incidents can happen regularly, causing more injuries and damage.

Most of our clients choose our workplace health and safety services because we provide the best training for everyone in the company. We offer quality benefits and can work on any challenge or goal you may have.

Ash Safety Services has a wide client base, which consists of:

  • Construction safety training services
  • Professional administrative companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Food processing companies
  • Warehouse industries
  • Manufacturing companies (various products)
  • Oil/gas industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Power Generation

Our workplace safety and prevention services differ from many other brands and include fire safety training and first aid training. With us on your side, your business experiences:


We only provide fully qualified and trained consultants to assist our clients with their safety compliance needs. Whether you require someone on the job temporarily, weekly, daily, or long-term, we have many options and quality programs that fit your requirements.


We’re respectful of your time. Therefore, if we aren’t five minutes early, it’s like we’re 15 minutes late!


Our team focuses on being available when your business needs us. Therefore, we keep the client base small, only working with a few companies at one time.

Attention to Detail

We realize that missing even one small detail could result in injuries for your business. Our team has a background as fire professionals, so we understand the risks and see them through different eyes. Even your industry requirements might not be enough, but we provide greater attention to detail!

Caring Staff

At the heart of what we do is caring about people and protecting them while they’re in the field.


You can’t have a safety culture in place without everyone watching each other’s’ backs. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships and foster a teamwork approach so that your company reaches its safety requirements.

Safety audits are required for any industry as part of a full safety program. They assist you in maintaining OSHA compliance (and other regulations), but they also give you insight into the organization’s safety execution level.

Every industry has specific hazards associated with it, and your business must determine the training requirements for contractors and employees.


We understand Safety and Health training requirements are extensive and difficult to comply with, that’s why we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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