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Lockout Tagout Training for the Control of Hazardous Energy

Risks of Trenching and Excavation Operations

When working in a dangerous environment where the risk of exposure to hazardous energy is great, you must receive the relevant safety training to ensure that you arrive home alive.

The truth is that stored energy has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to property and fatalities, which is why lockout/tagout safety training should not be taken lightly.

To ensure that you and your employees are compliant with OHSA regulations and are equipped to mitigate risk factors when working with potentially dangerous machinery, it’s essential to enroll in a recognized training course.

With a comprehensive OSHA lockout tagout training course, we can help you prevent injuries, promote workplace safety, and prevent damage to equipment and surrounding structures.

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What Is Lockout/Tagout Training?

In our LOTO training course, you can rest assured that we will cover OSHA’s Control for Hazardous Energy and Lockout and Tagout (LOTO) regulations to ensure that you and your employees understand safe work procedures.

Life-saving Protocols

These protocols must be implemented to ensure the safety of employees while doing equipment services and maintenance. They protect you against harm caused by the rapid releases of stored energy or unexpected machine restarts, and we cannot stress enough the importance of this kind of knowledge.

Essential Knowledge and Skills

You will gain knowledge of the essential elements of energy control processes. You’ll also learn about their intended use, along with the functions and duties of those participating in lockout/tagout. We’ll talk about the criteria for training and inspections, how to correctly execute an energy shutdown, and discover the fundamentals of lockout/tagout equipment.

Lockout Tagout Training Requirements

There are no training requirements to enroll in this course. If you or your workers deal with stored energy and potentially hazardous machines, then this training course is for you. We recommend that the following people receive lock out tag out safety training:

  • Health, safety, and environmental personnel
  • Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Safety Officers
  • Maintenance personnel involved in the maintenance of industrial machines and equipment
What the Training Course Entails

Our training program will cover everything you need to know to be able to mitigate the risks involved in working with heavy machinery. Here are some of the things you will know upon completion of the course:

  • What “lockout/tagout” means.
  • Lockout tagout procedures.
  • How to deal with machinery failure.
  • Legal requirements.
  • What hazardous energy is and the different types.
  • Types of injuries and how to prevent them.
  • Lockout/tagout devices.

Once payment has been made and the course has been completed, you will receive a certificate to prove that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of lockout/tagout authorized employee training.

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Lockout tagout safety training is essential for anyone working with dangerous equipment. Get started today, ensuring your safety with Ash Safety Services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our comprehensive, in-person, and online lockout tagout training course!

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