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Lockout Tagout Training for the Control of Hazardous Energy

Risks of Trenching and Excavation Operations

When working in a dangerous environment where the risk of exposure to hazardous energy is great, you must receive the relevant safety training to ensure that you arrive home alive. The truth is that stored energy has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to property and fatalities, which is why lockout/tagout safety training should not […]

Our Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Training Course

10 hour osha outreach training course for the construction industry

Have you been searching for “fire extinguisher training near me?” You’re in the right place. In terms of OSHA regulations, an employer that has provided portable fire extinguishers in the workplace for employee use needs to offer an educational program that teaches these workers how to use the portable fire extinguisher, the dangers of incipient-stage […]

Why Should You Hire a Safety Services Company in 2023?

Safety Professionals

Maintaining compliance with safety guidelines is sometimes easier said than done. More jobs are now asking for stricter safety training to ensure worker safety all year long. However, coming up with an appropriate safety program that ensures OSHA compliance can get complicated unless you hire a safety services company. If you want to ensure the […]

A Trenching & Excavation Training Course That Teaches You Everything You Need to Know

Excavation Training Course

The importance of trench and excavation safety can’t be overstated, and Ash Safety Services provides training to ensure your staff members keep their certifications.  Furthermore, the appropriate training will help ensure that workers can steer clear of costly mishaps that could cause fatalities or severe injuries. If you want to keep your personnel safe, our excavation […]

OSHA Confined Space Training Course: What It Is and What to Expect

confined space

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires safety procedures that protect employees from serious injury and even death in the workplace.  This is especially important for practical jobs, especially those involving activities performed in confined spaces. Does OSHA Require a Confined Space Rescue Training Course? Confined space entry can be very dangerous for anyone […]

OSHA Outreach Training Construction: Understanding Its Importance in Occupational Safety

osha 10 hour construction industry outreach

Construction work is known for its numerous health and safety risks. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were 5,333 worker fatalities in 2019, with 20.9% of them being construction workers.  To minimize these risks, it’s important to ensure that workers are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and […]

The Importance of First Aid Training for Employees: Be Prepared for Any Emergency

medical training for employees

First aid training for employees is an essential aspect of workplace safety. In an emergency, having employees trained in basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death.  In this article, we will explore the importance of first aid training for employees to stop bleeding and the different types of training materials available.   […]

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